The Cannabis Council of Canada Comments on the vaping ban by the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador

OTTAWA, ONTARIO – December 4, 2019 – The Cannabis Council of Canada released the following statement in response to the cannabis vaping ban announced today by the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador:

We are disappointed by today's announcement by the government of Newfoundland & Labrador on their decision to ban cannabis vapes. One of the most important goals of the legal cannabis industry is to displace the illegal, unregulated cannabis black market. Vaporizing or “vaping” is an increasingly popular way to consume cannabis products and provides an alternative to smoking for adult-use or medical consumers. Today's announcement by the government of Newfoundland and Labrador puts consumers at risk as, without access to a legal, regulated, supply of cannabis vapes, consumers will turn to unregulated channels, therefore putting themselves at greater risk.

Legal vaping products will not be available until December 17, 2019. The products causing cases of illness are entirely the result of the illegal market that is unregulated and unsafe for Canadians.

As we have previously noted, Health Canada regulations make clear that cannabis concentrates that are found in vape oil “cannot contain anything that may cause injury to the health of the consumer when the product is used as intended.” At present, there are no legal recreational cannabis vape products available and only a limited number of medical options. This will change as of December 17th, 2019 when Health Canada will allow the sale of legal cannabis vape products by licensed producers.

Health Canada regulations for new classes of cannabis came into force on October 17, 2019. The regulations contain strict controls including, but not limited to, good production practices, product formulation restrictions, quality standards for ingredients, and high standards of testing. It’s also important to note that regulations relating to vaping products are even more stringent than those for other non-inhaled cannabis products. Further, under regulations are restrictions on which ingredients can be used in regulated cannabis vaping products.

For example, it is prohibited for cannabis extracts, including cannabis vaping products, to contain anything that may cause injury to the health of the user when the cannabis product is used as intended or in a reasonably foreseeable way. The use of sugars, sweeteners or sweetening agents as ingredients in cannabis vaping products is also not allowed. As well, the use of any ingredient listed in Column 1, Schedule 2 to the Tobacco and Vaping Products Act will not be permitted in cannabis vaping products. This includes prohibitions on ingredients/additives such as vitamins and/or colouring agents. As well, all ingredients used in cannabis vaping products must be of pharmaceutical quality with the exception of flavouring agents.

The risks associated with purchasing and using cannabis products from illicit sources cannot be understated. The Cannabis Council of Canada encourages all levels of government to continue educating Canadians about the differences between illicit and regulated cannabis products to help consumers make informed decisions.

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