Join Canada’s largest association of licensed producers. By joining the Cannabis Council of Canada (C3), you are joining individuals and licensed producers who, like you, are passionate about our industry and working towards making the legal cannabis industry better.

Membership comes with a number of benefits and privileges. These include: access to ongoing monitoring and analysis of important government legislative and regulatory changes; the ability to engage with other members, stakeholders and government representatives; networking with and belonging to a growing group of respected cannabis thought-leaders and free or discounted admissions to participating events.

Our members work together to achieve industry standards.


We believe in creating a system that will make medical and non-medical cannabis accessible to those who seek to purchase it. We will also work to remove organized crime from the mutli-billion-dollar enterprise and protect the health of our citizens.


Our industry works hard with regulators, patients, physicians, stakeholders and consumers to ensure high-quality products every time through consistent and effective processes.


Canada’s licensed producers are committed to working closely with all levels of government and local communities to get more products to market. Whether distributing products on-line or in-person at local stores, we want to make it a better experience for our customers at every stage.

Membership Benefits

  • Strength in numbers
  • Regular updates on important industry matters
  • Meaningful connections with other licensed producers
  • Engagement opportunities with committees
  • Building awareness for our products and industry
  • Updates and input on new and proposed regulations
  • Advocacy opportunities with a united group of industry leaders
  • Input into communications from the Council to create a unified industry voice
  • Access to proprietary public opinion research
  • Input into our industry awareness campaign initiative

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