The Cannabis Council of Canada applauds the legalization of adult-use recreational cannabis

OTTAWA, ONTARIO – October 17th, 2018 – The Cannabis Council of Canada (“C3 or Cannabis Canada”) applauds the federal government for the legalization of adult-use recreational cannabis.

“Today is a historic and celebratory day: By legalizing and regulating adult access to recreational cannabis, Canada has once again shown its leadership to the rest of the world,” said Allan Rewak C3 Executive Director.

With the coming into force of Bill C-45, adult consumers will now be able to legally purchase cannabis through a range of in-person and online options. By overseeing this activity, the government of Canada and its provincial government partners will make it more difficult for youth to access cannabis, remove organised crime from a multi-billion-dollar enterprise and protect the health of our citizens.

“Over 50% of all Canadians have consumed cannabis, and the research shows and 1 in 6 use it on a fairly regular basis,” said C3 Vice Chair (adult-use) John Fowler. “That’s why I am so grateful that our Prime Minister and the government was brave enough to recognize and act on Canada’s need for a balanced approach to cannabis. He put in the hard work necessary to make today possible”, added Fowler.

While the objectives for the federal government remain rooted in harm reduction, the legalization of adult consumer use cannabis will generate significant new economic benefit to all Canadians, to Canadian businesses and to their governments.

“Canadian companies have emerged as the dominant leaders of a new global industry that will generate tens of thousands of high-quality jobs for our citizens and contribute billions of dollars to the Canadian economy,” said C3 Chair Dr. Avtar Dhillon. “Considering the social and economic benefits, I expect that the rest of the world will eventually follow our example”, added Dr. Dhillon.

Canadian’s are ready for this balanced and innovative approach. According to a recent Abacus Data survey 70% support, or at least accept, the legalization of adult consumer use cannabis.

The Cannabis Council of Canada expects this already impressive number to grow in the coming years as youth access decreases, organised crime is displaced, and Canadians enjoy the financial benefits of the new legal cannabis economy.

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The Cannabis Council of Canada ('C3') is the national and international representative of Canada’s licensed producers and processors of cannabis. C3’s mission is to promote industry standards, support the development, growth, and integrity of the regulated cannabis industry, and serve as an important resource on issues related to responsible use of cannabis for medical and non-medical purposes.

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