Quebec government’s decision on edibles, topicals and THC a win for the illicit market

OTTAWA, July 25, 2019 – The Cannabis Council of Canada response to draft regulation by the Quebec government to ban the sale of certain edible cannabis products and cannabis extracts:

“Yesterday’s decision by the Quebec government to issue draft regulation with respect to edible cannabis products and cannabis extracts is extremely disappointing. If implemented, the efforts of the legal cannabis industry to replace the illicit market and keep cannabis out of the hands of minors will be severely hindered,” said Megan McCrae, Board Chair, Cannabis Council of Canada.

The proposed regulation would ban the sale of treat, confectionery, dessert, and chocolate edible products and all products believed by the Quebec government to have a direct appeal to minors. In addition, a cannabis extract may not contain any additives or other substances intended to modify the odor, taste or color. In addition, it proposes to place a maximum cap of 30% THC on non-edible products, which will have the effect of curtailing other products – such as vape pens – from entering the Quebec market. The proposed regulation would also ban cannabis topicals.

The Cannabis Council of Canada strongly support the ethos of the proposed regulations, but its current form inhibits the legal, regulated cannabis industry from producing and selling a diversity of products in a controlled, responsible manner to Quebec cannabis consumers, and instead supports the illicit market for these products. The unregulated production and distribution of cannabis enriches organized crime and puts youth at risk. According to public opinion research conducted on behalf of the Cannabis Council of Canada, 64% of Quebecers support the legalization of cannabis, as well as safe, regulated access to cannabis products.

Stringent rules and regulations are already being put in place by the federal government to ensure that edibles do not fall into the hands of young people. The Cannabis Council of Canada is asking the Quebec government to work with Canada’s regulated cannabis industry and find a measured solution that will keep cannabis out of the hands of children and profits away from organized crime. The cannabis industry employs thousands of Quebecers, directly and indirectly, and cannabis consumers are from all walks of life who deserve better than this proposed approach to the next phase of legalization. We stand ready to partner with the government to find a workable solution.

The Cannabis Council of Canada is the national voice for Canada’s licensed cannabis producers which advocate for world-leading federal regulation and the safe, responsible production, access and use of recreational and medical cannabis products.

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