One-year anniversary of legal adult-use recreational cannabis in Canada

October 17th, 2019

OTTAWA, ON - The Cannabis Council of Canada (“C3” or “Cannabis Canada”) is excited to celebrate the one-year anniversary of the legalization of adult-use cannabis in Canada.

“The legalization of cannabis in Canada on October 17th, 2018 was a historic moment in Canada’s history and today the industry is celebrating this milestone anniversary. Providing Canadians with the ability to access cannabis products from reputable, regulated Licensed Producers while taking positive steps forward towards the elimination of the illicit market is something we can all be proud of.” said Megan McCrae, Board Chair of the Cannabis Council of Canada.

Licensed Producers of cannabis have built and renovated hundreds of facilities in communities of all sizes across the country, employing thousands of Canadians and contributing to the Canadian economy in a big way.

“Canadians and regulators have put a great deal of trust in our industry, and that responsibility is not lost on us. We are rightly held to a very high standard.” said Cameron Bishop, Vice-Chair of the Cannabis Council of Canada Board of Directors. “Our industry has a strong track record and good reputation from years of producing and providing medical cannabis to patients and now a year of recreational cannabis, and we’ll continue to build on this record in the months and years to come.” added Bishop.

While the objectives for the federal government remain rooted in eliminating the black market and reducing access to cannabis amongst minors, the legalization of adult consumer use cannabis has and will continue to generate significant economic benefits for all Canadians. In a recent Statistics Canada report released in August of 2019, employment in the cannabis industry has nearly doubled with over 9,200 people working in the sector today, as well as the hundreds of jobs in industries along the supply chain. Canada’s cannabis industry has contributed $8.26 billion to our Gross Domestic Product and attracted over $6 billion in foreign direct investment.

The support for the cannabis industry has been overwhelmingly positive. According to a recent public opinion poll conducted by Abacus Data on behalf of the Cannabis Council of Canada, 73% of Canadians support legalized cannabis. The Canadian cannabis industry is thriving, and the Cannabis Council of Canada is excited for the future leadership and growth of our industry in the coming months and years.

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About the Cannabis Council of Canada

À propos du Conseil du cannabis canadien

Le Conseil du cannabis canadien (C3) est le regroupement national des producteurs autorisés de cannabis du Canada, formé en vertu de la Loi sur le cannabis de Santé Canada. Sa mission est d’agir à titre de porte-parole national de ses membres pour promouvoir les normes applicables à l’industrie, appuyer la création, l’essor et l’intégrité de l’industrie du cannabis réglementé, et servir de ressource indispensable sur les questions liées à l’usage responsable du cannabis à des fins médicales et non médicales.

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