Landmark day in regulated cannabis industry as edibles, beverages, topicals and vaping products become available for sale

Ottawa, ON – December 17, 2019

Today is an exciting day for Canada’s regulated cannabis sector as Canadians are now able to legally purchase edible cannabis products. Our members are excited by the opportunity to provide Canadians with increased access to a broader range of high-quality cannabis products produced under strict quality controls, and edibles, beverages, topicals and vaping products are an important part of this next wave of cannabis products.

Our goal as an industry is to provide the best options for Canadian cannabis consumers, displacing the unregulated market while restricting access to youth. Offering these new cannabis-derived goods through regulated retail channels is just one more way that we are working towards that goal.

We strongly encourage adult consumers to be cautious when using these new product types. Novice cannabis users, in particular, are encouraged to start low and go slow when using cannabis products of any type. While cannabis products such as pre-rolls, dried flower or vapes can quickly make their way into your bloodstream, edible and beverage products often have a longer time period before effects are felt. Accordingly, cannabis consumers are encouraged to be patient, and only consume these types of products purchased from legal sources and in places with people they are familiar with. As well, at all times, cannabis must be kept out of the reach of minors and in a secure location. Adult-use cannabis products must also be used only by individuals who are of the legal age in their respective province or territory.

The Cannabis Council of Canada website has links to our member companies all of whom offer a wide variety of regulated products. Canadians are encouraged to visit the sites of these licensed producers to help inform themselves about the various products offered by our member companies.

Canadians can be confident that our member companies are working as quickly as possible to get regulated, high-quality cannabis products to Canadian consumers in accordance with provincial/territorial retail and product policies.

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