Industry Roundtable with Cannabis Act Review Expert Panel

January 27, 2023

On Monday January 30, 2023, George Smitherman, President, and CEO of the Cannabis Council of Canada, will be participating in the Cannabis Act Review Expert Panel’s Industry Roundtable. Mr. Smitherman will be focussing his contributions on C3’s established “5 Big Asks” (see 5 Big Asks attached) with strong emphasis on the existential financial crisis facing the legal cannabis sector and the associated risks to the public health and safety objectives of legalization.

This fiscal year unpaid federal excise duties on cannabis could reach $200 million dollars. This number should alarm the Expert Panel and alert the federal government to the need to provide immediate financial relief to the federal licensees in the forthcoming budget” (see C3’s- 2023 Budget Submission) said Smitherman. “Re-thinking the Excise Duty Framework and various regulations, as we have proposed, will give licensed producers a chance to compete against the entrenched illicit market and be a stronger partner in fulfilling the public health and safety objectives of legalization.”

The Industry Roundtable is being held at the Chelsea Hotel, 33 Gerrard Street West, Rossetti Room (2nd Floor), Toronto, ON (see Roundtable Agenda). George Smitherman can be available before, during, and after the event in person, telephone, or online.

Media seeking an interview with Mr. Smitherman are invited to contact George at his email address below. Pierre Killeen, C3’s Vice President of Legislative and Regulatory Affairs, is also available for comment.

Media Contacts:

· George Smitherman (English) (

· Pierre Killeen (French)


· Roundtable Agenda

· C3 5 Big Asks

· C3 Budget 2023 Submission

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