Shaping Industry Regulations

Health Canada is "seeking feedback on potential amendments to the Cannabis Regulations (CR) for regulatory burden reduction while still addressing public health and public safety risks". This is an opportunity for the cannabis industry to come together and press decision-makers for the regulatory change we need.

How to submit a response

Responses are due May 24, 2023 and must be submitted by email to with the following title in the subject line: “Notice of Intent — Consultation on Potential Amendments to the Cannabis Regulations”.

  1. Download our consultation response template.
  2. Add your thoughts or adjust the response if desired.
  3. Send the document to Health Canada by email. We'd appreciate if you CC so we can keep track of responses.
  4. Encourage your network to submit a response! The more responses they receive, the greater our potential impact.

Consultation Response Template

We engaged 300 people from 170 different companies to develop a unified consultation response. Feel free to edit it with your own thoughts, or submit it as is.

C3 Facilitated Listening Sessions

Hosted by Ika Washington (DiversityTalk), this series of insightful and engaging listening sessions was designed to address the Health Canada notice on consultation. These sessions provided a unique opportunity for professionals in the cannabis industry to come together, share insights, and collaborate on a unified response to the proposed regulatory changes.

We engaged 300 individuals representing 170 companies over the four sessions. Thank you to everyone who participated!

Watch Session 1: Packaging & Labelling

Featuring Megan McCrae (Organigram, C3 Board Member), Shauna Levy (Madge and Mercer Brand) and Serena Somani (4K Cannabis Retail).

Watch Session 2: Licensing & Security

Featuring Alexia Conti (Peak Processing), Kori Ainsworth (Cannabis Co Pack) and Jen Meyers (Zelca).

Watch Session 3: Production & Record Keeping

Featuring Julia Cameron (Pure Sunfarms) and Tabitha Davis (SNDL).

Watch Session 4: Aligning our Response

Featuring Trina Fraser (Brazeau Seller), Erica Canton (Tilray) and Tamara Lovi (ROSE Lifescience).

Session 3 Discussion Questions

Prepare for session 3: Production & Reporting Requirements

Discussion Guide

Learn more about the consultation and C3's areas of focus.