Join the Pan-Canadian Cannabis Task Force on Distributor Coordination


The absence of consistency and standards governing actions by provincial cannabis distributors is leading to decisions and actions that threaten the financial and operational performance of licensed producers and the cannabis supply chain.


Moves to add “packaged-on” dating restrictions to cannabis 2.0 products and return products which fall outside of the restrictions are the most recent example of uncoordinated decision-making by cannabis distributors. Should these actions come into effect, licensed producers will have to manage unique and inconsistent product “expiry dates” for each product category across at least 10 jurisdictions and face further risk of product returns.

Canada’s licensed producers are creating an industry-wide response. The Board of the Cannabis Council of Canada (C3) has determined that the pan-Canadian nature of the issues requires the creation of a unique focus to represent the interests of licensed producers and supply chain participants at the provincial level.


The “Pan-Canadian Cannabis Task Force on Cannabis Distributor Coordination” is being created to develop and advance the cannabis industry position on uncoordinated actions and decisions by cannabis distributors.

Some C3 Board members have generously contributed to help jump start the initiative. We are encouraging all licensed producers of cannabis and all participants in the cannabis supply chain to contribute to the Task Force.

Participation in the Task Force is open to all sectors of the cannabis industry and will be operated on a cost-recovery basis.

BENEFITS – why participate in the Task Force?

  • Returns of cannabis 2.0 products will adversely impact cannabis producers and the cannabis supply chain.
  • Allowing standards to be set without any industry consultation or coordination will continuously constrain LP planning and operational efforts and further impede the development of a sustainable cannabis industry.
  • Participating in the Task Force ensures that you are “on top” of the latest developments impacting cannabis distribution and have a say on pan-Canadian issues affecting of your industry.


  • Develop an industry-wide response to uncoordinated decision-making and actions by provincial distributors.
  • Secure provincial distributor and government recognition of the operational and financial challenges resulting from uncoordinated decision-making and action and the consequences of these challenges for the cannabis industry.
  • Establish a pan-Canadian mechanism for dialogue between licensed producers and provincial cannabis distributors (key deliverable).


At this stage, the Task Force will commit to a 3-month effort and then evaluate its progress against its objectives. In support of its objectives, the Pan-Canadian Cannabis Task Force on Distributor Coordination will:

  • Convene a Task Force by putting out a call to Licensed Producers, C3 affiliate members, and all cannabis supply chain participants.
  • Coordinate regular meetings and calls for:
    • members of the Task Force,
    • scientific and technical representatives from Task Force companies on matters related to product “expiry dates”, and
    • government relations and public affairs representatives from Task Force companies.
  • Conduct background research on issues related to the coordination of provincial distributors, the use of “expiry dates” for cannabis 2.0 products in other jurisdictions, and other related matters.
  • Develop a pan-Canadian public affairs strategy and supporting the execution of the strategy by the members of the Task Force.
  • Draft and finalize documents in support of the Task Force’s advocacy efforts (position papers, PPT presentations, press releases, briefing notes, talking points etc...)
  • Engage in media relations support and outreach.


Pierre Killeen, LL.B LL.L, will serve as the Task Force Coordinator. Fluently Bilingual, Pierre has senior executive level experience in cannabis and public affairs, having served as the Vice-President of Corporate Communications and Government Relations for HEXO and Vice-President of Public Affairs with Hill+Knowlton Strategies. He was the Project Coordinator on C3’s Second Anniversary of Cannabis Legalization project, delivering a variety of outputs on time and on budget.

CONTACT - Join the Task Force on Cannabis Distributor Coordination

C3 will provide administrative support to the Task Force.

The membership fee is $500 for C3 members and $1,000 for non-members.

Contact Pierre Killeen, Task Force Coordinator, for information about joining: Pierre can be reached at: or (613) 879-1592.

Administrative or C3 Membership questions can be directed to George Smitherman, C3 President and CEO, at: