The Cannabis Council of Canada Commends the Ontario Government on their Cannabis Retail Model

OTTAWA, ONTARIO – August 13th, 2018 – The Cannabis Council of Canada commends the Ontario government for their innovative and responsible plan to roll out retail cannabis sales across the province.

“By harnessing the power of the private sector, while responsibly regulating cannabis sales for adults, the government of Ontario has removed the capital and operational costs of bricks and mortar retail from taxpayers and shifted this burden to the private sector: A move that will save the treasury countless millions,” said Allan Rewak, Executive Director, the Cannabis Council of Canada.

Ontario’s plan will not only serve to save Ontario taxpayers money, it will also better equip the legal industry to replace the illicit market.

“Today, there are between 80 and 150 illicit dispensaries operating in the city of Toronto alone. By heavily regulating and overseeing the private sector, the provincial government will create a truly competitive and inclusive landscape that will allow for law-abiding companies to more quickly replace the bad apples in the cannabis space,” said Dr. Avtar Dhillon, the Cannabis Council of Canada Board Chair.

Moving forward the Cannabis Council of Canada looks forward to working with the elected government, the Ontario Cannabis Store and communities across Ontario to create a retail system that keeps cannabis away from kids and profits away from organised crime.

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About the Cannabis Council of Canada

The Cannabis Council of Canada is the leading organization of Canada’s Licensed Producers of Medical Cannabis under Health Canada’s Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR).

The Council’s mission is to act as the national voice for our members in their promotion of industry standards; support the development, growth and integrity of the regulated cannabis industry; and serve as an important resource on issues related to the safe and responsible use of cannabis for medical and non-medical purposes.

Members of the Cannabis Council of Canada share a philosophy of both patient-centric care and improved public health, and are committed to product safety and quality, secure and reliable access and the promotion of the safe and healthful use of cannabis.

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