Health Canada Consultations

As a regulated industry there is nothing more exciting than a consultation taking place over the holidays!

Thankfully, our national regulator, Health Canada has spared interested cannabis community commentators from the boredom of social distancing and lockdowns by launching a consultation on numerous subjects.

What are the consultations for?

The Cannabis Act, also known as Bill C-45, governs the operation and administration of large parts of the sector. Only Parliament can pass Legislation amending the Act. For any legislation to become enacted as law, it must also pass the Senate and be given Royal Assent by the Governor General.

Due to the political and logistical complications with changing legislation, Regulation-making authority for the Government of the day is established within existing legislation and permits the Cabinet to make ongoing changes. This Regulation-making authority is sometimes referred to as an Order in Council (OIC).

The current consultation notice from Health Canada proposes a Regulation proposal to address threats to cannabis research (non-therapeutic) and the consultation also seeks input on key matters like establishing a more reasonable formula for the presumed equivalency of cannabis beverages and dry flower. Health Canada is also seeking input into prospects for nursery and micro licensees (click here to learn about the different license classes!)

How do I get involved?

Our organization will be responding to the consultation and you can too!

Any inquiries or comments for this notice must be sent by email to stating the title of this notice (Notice of intent —Consultation on the Cannabis Regulations: Cannabis research and other regulatory issues) in the subject line.

The last day for submissions is January 11th, 2021.

The Cannabis Council of Canada has developed custom surveys for budtenders, consumers and cultivators alike.

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Merry Consultation and Happy New Regulations to the entire Cannabis Community!

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